FINISSAGE DE L'EXPOSITION "THE INVISIBLE HAND" à l'occasion de l'événement "JARDINS en FÊTE" organisé par la Bibliothèque René Pechère


A l’occasion du finissage de l’exposition « The Invible Hand «  ( œuvres de Joep Van Lieshout et de Léonard van Munster.

Dear All,

The last event in the Tournay-Solvay Park during the exhibition “The Invisible Hand” will be “Jardins en Fêtes” organised by the “Bibliothèque René Pechère” on Sunday September 25th 2016 from 10 AM till 6 PM. During that day, 40 parks and private gardens are accessible in Brussels for visits and guided tours are organised by landscape architects.

The “Bibliothèque René Pechère” is a regional fund around the theme of garden art and landscape architecture. It houses a rich collection of 5.000 books and 30 journals and a multilingual virtual library. More than .3000 plans of landscape architect René Pechère are available on a website. The Library also offers exhibitions, conferences, symposia and guided tours. The Library is now a part of CIVA (Centre International pour L'architecture et le paysage – International centre for architecture and landscape). Founded in 2016 on the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region, the CIVA Foundation brings together in a single structure the resources, knowledge and expertise of several cultural associations in Brussels active in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape and ecosystem studies. Through its cultural project CIVA Foundation contributes to the development of an architectural, landscape and urban culture. To carry out its missions and apply to all public, private and professional, the CIVA Foundation will develop a number of activities and services.

Guided tours are organised in the Park at 10 AM with Jacques Boulanger-Français, the landscape architect who restored different parts of the Tournay-Solvay Park, and at 2 PM and 4 PM with Axel Demonty, the landscape architect in charge of the Park at Brussels Environment, our partner for the sculpture exhibition.

Sunday September 25th 2016 will be the last day of the exhibition … thanks to all for your involvement, help and support!

Kind regards.

L’exposition « The invisible Hand «  a été réalisée
Avec l’appui de Bruxelles Environnement, COCOF, Gouvernement de la Région de Bruxelles Capitale, Commune de